Meet Our Instructors

Generations' Fitness and Wellness Staff





Emily Nelson is an advocate of health and wellness. "I strongly believe in bettering quality of life through exercise, movement, mindfulness, and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor.  I received my certificate in 2014 from the Yoga Garden in San Francisco, California. Chronic back pain and an emergency back surgery in 2010 played a huge part in bringing me to yoga. Yoga has helped me manage my back pain, it has increased my flexibility and range of motion, and given me a healthy perspective on life. I have a background in wellness through completing my degree in dietetics (study of food and nutrition) from UW Stevens Point in 2011."

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with my family. She loves playing golf, tennis, and taking walks with my husband, Nick, along with being a fun boy mom to Knox and Jax.

"I am so grateful to be in this position of Fitness Instructor and Coordinator at Generations. I am excited to be part of this incredible community and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me here!"



Meg Hutter joined Generations in October 2022. She has previous experience in the fitness world, from personal training to upper level administration. She left the fitness world during COVID when she took time to write a children's book, Henry the Brave and the Cancerasaurus, inspired by her nephew. She missed working in fitness, though, and is excited to be back into teaching. As a part-time Fitness and Recreation Coordinator, Meg is able to teach fitness classes and spend time promoting her book.


Mike Heimbach is Generations' Tai Chi instructor. For the past 18 years, Heimbach has led Tai Chi classes for a wide variety of age groups from children in middle school through senior citizen.  Previously, Heimbach served in several as an educator and most recently as Director of Formation at Gesu Parish in Milwaukee until his retirement in June of this year. Tai Chi meets from 1:15 -2:00 p.m. at Generations on Tuesdays and Thursdays.