Generations Adult Community Center


Generations Adult Community Center  provides a wide variety of programs and activities for active adults in a climate of respect, trust, and support. Located at Generations, PACC is a friendly and vibrant community of active adults, continually developing their potential, making friends, and sharing their wisdom, insight, and skills with others of all ages through diversified programs of health, recreation, education, community affairs, and volunteer service.

Generations provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness classes that are a mixture of walking, aerobic exercise, weight training, mobility and balance. Our Fitness Coordinator plans seasonal outdoor activities to encourage an active life style.

Most importantly, Generations allows older adults to interact with all generations through intergenerational programs that help them build strong relationships in their community.

“We are very excited to be a part of this unique ‘grassroots’ public-private partnership of organizations!  This innovative project promotes healthy aging, builds self-esteem, reduces isolation and loneliness, enhances understanding and acceptance between generations, and develops a true sense of community.”

View our annual report here.

The City of Plymouth provides support for Generations. Click here  for a link to the City of Plymouth website.